This extension to the existing theatre suite replaces two outdated operating theatres with two new elective surgery theatres, designed and specified to achieve the highest possible standards. One of the theatres has an ultra-clean environment incorporating a laminar flow system to facilitate possible ophthalmology procedures. Both theatres, along with associated anaesthetic, prep, scrub and dirty utility rooms, have been constructed using a modular wall and ceiling system for optimum cleanliness, robustness and flexibility.

Provision of natural light within the theatres was considered by the Trust as important to improve the working environment. Protection measures have been incorporated in relation to the use of radiation and lasers. Flow patterns within the new facility have been designed to maximise efficiency of movement between the theatres and new recovery, staff and storage areas, as well as with existing facilities.

The design located the clinical accommodation on the upper floor, linking back into the adjoining existing theatre suite at two points, with plant space at ground level below. The existing theatres were maintained in operation during the course of the construction and commissioning of the new facility. The external envelope was designed with the intention of making the building stand out from its neighbours, while using low maintenance materials.